Why I’m Running

I was content at my job and honored to serve the country in a position with the federal government.  But in late January I learned of a bill in the Virginia General Assembly championed by some Fairfax County delegates rolling back every meaningful restriction on the gruesome practice of late-term abortion. I listened with astonishment and disgust as Gov. Ralph Northam endorsed infanticide. According to the governor, as long as infant survivors of abortion are kept “comfortable,” abortionists have the right to execute born babies

My opponent Vivian Watts cosponsored this infanticide bill with Delegate Kathy Tran. On the same day she introduced the bill, Tran also introduced legislation protecting butterflies. Do we want our representatives to prioritize insects over human beings? If we can’t prevail upon our elected officials to save born babies, crying and struggling for life after a failed abortion, then we need new elected officials. 

I believe in the dignity of human life. As your delegate, I will be an unrelenting opponent of extreme efforts to normalize infanticide and abortion up until the moment of dilation. 

I understand abortion is controversial. However we can all agree that ending the lives of fully developed babies capable of feeling intense pain (whether pre or post-birth) is wrong. If our politicians cannot be trusted to protect our most sacred right – life – how can we expect them to protect anything else that we hold dear? 

The pro-infanticide forces in the General Assembly hold 49 out of 100 seats and 19 out of 40 seats in the Virginia Senate. If they gain two seats in each chamber, then Governor Northam´s extreme abortion bill will become law.  They must be stopped. That’s why I ask for your support on November 5, 2019.